A New Era of Data Driven, Tech Enabled and Traceable Food

THe FDA announced a New Era of Smarter, Safer Food Safety last fall to move beyond FSMA, the landmark new U.S. food safety law and address the marketplace dynamics that were transforming the food, retail and food-service sectors. This webinar will focus on the Agency’s much-heralded program and what it means for the AIM community and the customers they serve. Our speaker, Karil Kochenderfer of LINKAGES, spoke at the hearing and will speak at this webinar about the data-driven, tech-enabled and traceable food system that FDA envisions to create with this new program and regulation.

About Karil Kochenderfer | For over 25 years, Karil has represented the food, pharma and apparel industries nationally before Congress, the FDA, Wall Street and the media as well as internationally. During this time, she worked on some of the most critical issues facing the food industry ranging from biotechnology to blockchain to food safety, supply-chain standards and CBD — all issues of interest to AIM, its members and friends. Karil led the first WTO case on product labeling over 20 years ago where product transparency, traceability and trade were first raised. She has served on four U.S. Government advisory committees and regularly participates in U.S. embassy training programs for new personnel regarding regulatory trade barriers blocking US and global supply-chains.


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