*************I MISSED THE DUTCH TEST IN THIS VIDEO***************** #WOOPS! 🤣🤣🤣
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#YOUTUBESAVEDMYLIFECANSAVEYOURSTOO!😎 In this video I cover baseline diagnostic medical testing to get a solid picture in it’s totality!🤓 IF YOU WANT TO CHASE AFTER OPTIMIZING YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE ~ THIS IS VIDEO IS FOR YOU! 💕💋

ONE YEAR LATER ~ Post Cancer, MS, & Breast Implant illness!#SHAKALAKABOOM! The most glorious word to ever fall out of my doctors mouth was CANCER so I could get those toxic bags the hell out of my body! 🙄💪💪💪 for your nutritional levels, toxic metal load, environmental & food intolerance

My clinic for GI Mapping was Blue Oak Clinic Here in Tucson Arizona. Dr. Libia Luevano, NMD. is my current practitioner & Dr. Stark was my practitioner back in 2016. I am putting the link up to here their clinic although I don’t yet think they have expanded just yet to telemedicine. I do know, it is in there vision. If they can’t help you can get you to someone who can.💪~ Be sure to tell them Sunny sent you!✨
Here is a link to an online provider if you are winging it on your own & they can get you to a practitioner in your area🤛

Nuro-biofeedback mapping & protocol ~ 🤓

Here is the link to the documentary from Dr. James Hardt 🧘‍♀️
Here is a link to the video that I did on the subject post brain🧠 mapping/pre-protocol!

23 & Me ~ for raw data that will give you detailed birds eye view of potental DNA pitfalls ~

Strain Genie for you to run you DNA for proper cannabis dosing cannabinoids ~

Dr. Amen’s Clinics ~ OMG!! TALK ABOUT BRAIN ENVY!~ 😱🤓✨✨✨ #ITSONTHELIST! 💪

Mental Healthcare Clinic Focusing On Your Brain Health


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