Amazing! What happened after I took CBD oil?

Jamie is a health consultant at http://www.nhancelife.com

I just thought I’d record my experience of taking CBD oil for the last six weeks, and just give a general kind of overview about how I found it.

As a bit of a background, some people take CBD oil for pain relief, other people take it for depression or anxiety, sometimes as a sleep aid. There’s a multitude of different health benefits for CBD oil.

I’m a perfectly healthy male, I eat clean, I exercise regularly. I don’t suffer any kind of symptoms, no pain, no anxiety, no depression, or anything like that. So for me it was just an experience cbd oil and how my body and mind would react to it.

The oil which I chose, was cibdol. The reason is quite simple. I’ve taken CBD oil previously, in the past, and I found a lot of it to be unpalatable, I found a lot of it to be bitter, and also as well you never quite know what you’re getting. CBD oil has taken off massively, recently, and you never know what you’re getting. Where’s the hemp from? What are the facilities like, where it’s been processed and manufactured.

Cibdol have some high tech laboratories in Switzerland. They use regulated hemp from EU countries. It’s triple filtered, so it’s really clear and pure. They actually produce a Golden CBD oil, which is a very superior quality. It means it’s been refined, it’s got a lot of stuff like waxes, chlorophylls. Anything which is not necessarily needed is taken out. As part of the process they activate a lot more cannabinoids than a lot of other brands.

I was taking a few drops in the morning and a few drops at night. The best way to take CBD oil is just to hold it underneath your tongue. Hold it under your tongue for as long as you can, maybe rub it into your gums, and let it absorb through your mouth, as opposed to ingesting it, which is not the most effective way of doing it.

Before taking CBD oil, I was averaging about 6.2 hours sleep a night. After taking CBD oil it was 8 hours solid. That’s a 17.6% increase in length of sleep. Also as well, one thing I noticed, I had a deeper sleep. I wasn’t waking up in the middle of the night, like I used to.

I wake up now feeling much more revived, full of energy. More refreshed from a very deep sleep.

Another change was weight loss. Now I was a fairly lean 218 pounds before I started taking CBD oil. After taking CBD oil I weigh at about 206 to 207 now, which is a 5.5% decrease in weight. I was fairly lean before, and I’m slightly leaner now. So I don’t think I lost that much muscle mass. I think some of it might be water loss. I’m not sure, but either way, in that six week period, I lost quite a lot of weight. I eat a lot of food in day because I go down the gym almost every day. My eating habits haven’t changed. My gym habits haven’t changed.

After taking the CBD oil, I have got a general feeling of being more relaxed. It’s hard to describe really. It’s kind of, you start taking the oil and after a couple of days you start to notice that you’re more relaxed. I started to notice that on my walk to work, I was just more laid back.

CBD oil also gave me a general feeling of wellbeing, peacefulness, tranquillity. Not stoned, just a kind of a feeling of wellbeing. I also had more energy. I don’t know how or why, but I just feel like I’m a lot more energetic.

I was struggling to find any downsides to CBD oil to be honest. I guess if you did have to pull some out there is that it runs out quickly. You know you’ve got a small 10 millilitre bottle, and the label does say that it lasts a month. It doesn’t, you know it’ll last a week. I guess some of that also comes down to the next point, it’s hard to determine just how much you’re taking. You’re trying to count how many drops you’re having on your tongue. It sounds weird, but it’s hard to feel the drops on your tongue, so you don’t know how much you’re taking. It’s also quite expensive as well.

My experience with CBD oil has just been absolutely fantastic. To the point now where I’m recommending it to my friends, family, and I’m continuing to use it myself. I hope that gives you some kind of insight into my experience. If you’re looking to experiment yourself, just go for it. I started off on 3 or 5% cannabinoids, and then I moved up to 10% cannabinoids.

I didn’t notice that much difference in the 5% and the 10%, but then again I don’t have chronic pains or any of those symptoms. So I guess if you had those symptoms you’d notice it more. Yeah, just get started. Get a bottle, try it out. It’s not addictive. I’ve had a fantastic experience.


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