Angel Rose Giveaway update! -Roblox Adopt Me

This is an update on the giveaway I won! Make sure to subscribe to Angel Rose on YouTube!
♡My Roblox username♡

♡Video uploads♡
Every day {might miss a few}

♡Face reveal?♡
Maybe someday. Privacy purposes.

Will livestream when I can. When I do, it will be for a Roblox giveaway!

♡Do you give away free pets in Adopt Me?♡
Yes! Aside from giveaways, if you put “Just_Squad” in your name, you will receive a free pet!

♡Editing apps♡
InShot, Phonto, iMovie

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyBfn0ZgHkbKApiv-S73Phg – Angel Rose channel


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