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Synthetic cannabinoid terpenes as potential anti-cancer substance.

Many natural terpenes exhibit anti-cancer activity, among them can be considered as cyclic alcohols and ketones and active cannabinoids, directly or indirectly act as anti-cancer agents. Cannabinoids help reduce inflammation, regulate the immune system… Also cannabinoids and many terpenes anticancer is often cyclic or linear alcohols and ketones with a characteristic double groups like cannabinoids and terpenes. This allows to combine advantageously required for antitumor activity and for Pro-cannabinoid activity, the substituents in the same structure.
Thus it is possible to develop design terpene cannabinoids, bringing them closer to essential oils with anticancer activity. Agonists anandamide suggest the presence of the ketone group, double bonds, also active terpenes suggest the presence of the ketone group and double bonds, only need to combine the radicals so that their functions are duplicated. Examples include synthetic terpenes with the cannabinoid structure harmoniously introduced anticancerogenic radicals with some active as anti-cancer essential oils.
The work is aimed at promoting the synthetic physiologically active terpenes, such substances can be highly active and have a relatively diversified and complex antitumor activity.
Such structures can redirect the immune response, reduce inflammation, start the activity cell apoptosis and some others, if the experiment will yield positive results.
The work of theoretical, no experiments with these substances and result not received.
Because these substances are highly lipophilic structure it is possible that they will have a positive effect in brain tumors, and other organs and tissues composed of fats, or for the penetration in which requires the overcoming of the lipid barrier.
Also essential oils are active in small quantities and these cannabinoids can be very active, and in the end the result may be a balance in range of properties and synergy when used as a complementary agent in chemotherapy or as a prophylactic.
Also, among the cannabinoids presents a water-soluble substance and a Quaternary ammonium salt, surface active substances, which may be useful for tumors of the internal organs, tissues, or tumors of the skin… Among the cannabinoids are presented as Pro-CB1 and CB2.. substance.
Is also possible that the Quaternary ammonium bases do not pass the blood-brain barrier, it may minimize Central effects of cannabinoids. Structure approximate and not final, correction of the radicals can be achieved after synthesis and testing of substances.
Quaternary ammonium salts may also have independent chemotherapeutic activity and the activity induced Pro-terpene and phenolic radicals, immune response…
Cannabinoids like anthocyanins may have to be somewhat selective towards cancer of the stomach.
Also cannabinoids that do not pass the blood-brain barrier can be active against tumors of the brain, via activation of peripheral cannabinoid receptor system and the impact of active catabolites.
Examples of substance:


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