BarknBig.com Facility Tour – A manufacturer of American natural animal chews.

At BarknBig.com we are picky when it comes to the products we give our pets. The things we put in their bodies directly affect their health. Our promise is to NEVER use any kind of harsh chemical solutions before, during or after processing. And we will NEVER use irradiation as a method to kill pathogens.

Hand Crafted In our Facility
These are handcrafted products that receive exceptional attention, making their quality far superior. Each product is inspected by hand, prepared by hand and packaged by hand. Because these are handcrafted, there is some variance in size and shape. After all, these are natural animal parts and no two animals are the same.

Sourced and Made in USA
We are proudly made in the USA. We choose to support our country, our economy and our vendors that do the same. Our Sourcing of raw material only comes from animals raised and processed in SQF Facilities inspected by the USDA and FDA. The majority of our material comes from meat processing facilities within 50 miles of our facility in Loveland Colorado.


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