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Blooming Culture believes that prevention is key to future health ailments and diseases. Our new rescue dog Paddington had flown on a 4-hour flight to a new city which means new surroundings, a hotel stay, and a climate change. To help him settle in a little better we had Caragh, founder of Wellness & Wags come to our hotel and spend 1 hour massage him. This is a good start to decompress him and get the blood circulating after the plan ride. We also learned that even though he is only apx. 1-year old that his lower back and hind hips were tight. It made totally sense because he spends so much time standing on hind his two legs! This is good to know early on in his life so we work on keeping these joints and muscles supported for easier mobility.

We were told ahead of time that we should plan to stay in the room next to him (it’s best for the first few appointments) until your dog is used to having a new person touch them. Caragh brought a blanket and provided dog soothing music for extra relaxation. *There are numerous studies at this point back certain sounds and music and relaxing for dogs. We have curated Spotify channel for your pet here- https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4447gpAVYrCA6PZlZyW9Fj?si=qeLb_idRTvy6qm6d01pOPQ

Therapeutic canine massage has powerful benefits for dogs of all shapes, sizes, ages, breeds, and temperaments.

increase circulation, flush toxins, boost immune function

loosen muscles and connective tissues, improve flexibility and range of motion

aid in recovery after injury or surgery, reduce pain and swelling, promote healing

reduce stress and anxiety, establish positive associations with touch

Caragh, Founder of Wellness & Wags is nationally certified through the National Board of Certification for Animal Acupressure & Massage (NBCAAM). She is trained in advanced post-surgical, edema management, tendon & ligament healing, and oncology techniques and is a certified FearFree professional committed to low-stress handling and positive touch experience. She has training in canine aquatics and is certified in Pet First Aid & CPR.


Blooming Culture believes in advocating for the whole health of your pet, starting from the inside out. Our line of pet CBD products are different than any others. We believe nutrition is just as important as the CBD you are giving. In life, more is not always better and that principle applies to food for your pets. That’s why we base our entire CBD pet product line on simple, clean, and limited ingredients putting nutrition first.

Every product is preservative-free and all ingredients are USA sourced, excluding a few used in our topical, because some of the best human grade and beneficial oils can’t grow in our climate. But, we have made sure they are vetted to our standards and fairly traded or sustainably sourced to keep in line with our ethos.

Blooming Culture pet hemp oil and CBD dog treats have a very high concentration of organic cannabidiol specific for dogs and cats. Our pet CBD is specially formulated with non-psychoactive cannabidiol-rich CBD. Animals can get all the benefits of hemp oil without the high which makes our brand key to helping your best friend for any of their needs. Our Pet CBD is USA organically grown and 3rd party tested.

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