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CBD Oil Pen

Get turned up with The Kind Pen if you want the best CBD oil pen experience. We’re proud to offer our newest devices, the Pure and Mist pens, which are ready to meet the demands of today’s CBD Oil Pen users. The Pure and Mist come with an adjustable battery voltage range so that you can adjust your CBD oil pen to suit your preferences, the oil type, and the type of atomizer coil. Both pens are compatible with standard 510 threaded, glass oil cartridges and include an empty .5 gram glass ceramic tank. The CBD Oil Pen “The Pure” comes in 5 colorways, including green, blue, gray, white and black. The Mist is available in gray, white, black, blue, red, and green. These Kind Pen oil pens feature a pre-heat feature to help soften your material and get the oils flowing. They’re perfect for all essential oil and CBD oil users! Give us a call at 888-330-2353 or visit thekindpen.com to learn more and to order your Pure or Mist CBD oil pen today!


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