Blind Tasting PREMIUM Ingredients vs BUDGET Ingredients | Where Best to Spend Your Money? Ep. 2

You LOVED the last Pick The Premium episode so we’ve decided to treat you to another! In this episode, we ask ourselves the question, is it worth splashing the extra cash on premium ingredients when the cheaper alternatives taste just as good? Or do they? Watch our blind taste test to find out!

Nielsen Massey Vanilla Extract: ​https://bit.ly/2Np8uQB
Daylesford Organic Tomato Basil Sauce: ​https://bit.ly/3ddqWWB
Confi​ture Parisienne Coeur De Fraise Strawberry Jam​: ​https://bit.ly/2Bjh2FQ
Tajimaya Sakura Wagyu Rib Steak: ​https://bit.ly/3dgX0J9

This is the strawberry jam recipe that was used: https://sortedfood.com/recipe/lemonposset

London’s Best Japanese Restaurant – https://youtu.be/TuEDlPbBlkI

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