Blue Dream Meets Green Dream – Tincture Making

Blue Dream Total 5 Grams
Dreen Dream Total 3 Grams

Decarboculate ypur Buds To Bring The Medical Cannabinoids And Such Goodness The Plant Has To Offer to A Level Ypu Need The Plant To Work Best For Your Medical Needs.

Cover With Vodka Let Sit 6 to 8 weeks or Longer If Desired.
You Can Sneak Ahead of Time For Taste Tests And Required medical Needs.

Filter Like Shown With The Other Tinctures in this video.

Blue Dream genetics Are
Blueberry Indica & Haze
Blue Dream is A Hybrid
Often I find common Hybrids to be 50% indica 50% Sativa
They Vary
This Green Dream iHas The Blue Dream Genetics and The God’s Green Crack Genetics
And is 60% Sativa 40% Indica A Hybrid

When Done:
Very Beautiful Berry Flavored

– I Used A 1 Cup Jar
Fill With Vodka

Stat Healthy


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