Cannabinoids for Huntington's Chorea

Update: Chorea has quieted in all body parts except left arm and occasional feet twitches. I’m also one year seizure free. I feel as though remission is closer every day.

I currently consume half a gram of cannabis oil and I smoke half a gram of concentrates to help with breakthrough pain. Occasionally I get osteopathic manipulations to help. I’m also on a strict Carnivore diet avoiding all sugar, carbohydrates and vegetables that could be contaminated with mold.

Note: I am not a Quack as listed on

Did you read 25 ways to spot a quack on page 33? I recommend all are actually true except numbers 1 and 3. As for number 1… who can know all there is to know about nutrition? I can state what’s worked for me and another HD sistar is eating more meat and going low carb, Keto or Carnivore.

I’m not a quack as stated in because I don’t make one penny for sharing this info.

This HD stuff IS SUPER COMPLICATED but NOT IMPOSSIBLE. After over five years of reading medical and scientific journals I see how HD started with carbs and mycotoxins and ended with an inability for us to detox. The key is activating the NAD+ in the body. Cannabis and meat do that.


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