Cannabis 101 | Part 2: Top 3 Brain Benefits (And the Risks you Need to Know About)

In this video we are here to talk about the top 3 benefits Jeff obtains from cannabis.

Benefit #1: Relaxation at the end of the day or on your days off.

Benefit #2: Increased Connection/Being Present

Benefit #3: Emotional Release

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↪︎ No real magic mushrooms were used or displayed in the production of this video. In Canada, where this video was filmed, Cannabis is legalized. There are limits on the number of cannabis plants you can grow at home. Know the law in your country. Cannabis is still illegal in most parts of the world. Be safe. Never drive or operate a motor vehicle while using cannabis. Unless you have a medical license, your employer likely has a policy about using cannabis while working. Cannabis can be abused and habit forming.


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