Cannabis Helps Dementia Ep. 11 – Kelly Sturgeon, Owner Creekside Cottages & Creekside Place

Dr. Jeffrey Hergenrather introduced me to Kelly Sturgeon, J.D. Kelly is the Creator and Administrator of Creekside Cottage and Creekside Place Assisted Living homes in Petaluma, California and she is also the President and manager of Community Caregivers of Sonoma.
Kelly has created a high standard of care in a charming, home environment and applies 20 years of experience as an Administrator, educator and expert in the eldercare field. She provides exceptional care through meaningful activities, home-cooked meals using local, organic ingredients, and using Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach to Care. Although she has a very traditional background, she has seen how cannabis helps dementia and knows it is a valuable tool for helping people in relationship with dementia.

Despite cannabis medicine being legal in more than 2/3rds of U.S. States, in order for people living with dementia to get some relief today, we need to get cannabis de-scheduled, and open up the Schedule I of Drugs for research.

Contact your Senators, Representatives and the President to let them know that you want to de-schedule cannabis and open up the Schedule I for research at the very least.
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Kelly Sturgeon, J.D.
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