Cannabis & Physical Therapy made things worse. Chiropractic changed life.

Libie is 33 years old and presented to my office after suffering for 4 years with terrible pain. As she said “she is tired of pain taking over her life.” Her pain seems simple but if you suffer for 4 years you eventually want to do something about it. Her pain is NECK pain & LOW BACK pain. She has tried Medical Doctors, Orthopedic surgeons, & 4 years of Physical Therapy that only made her worse. She was so desperate to reduce her pain and improve sleep she has even smoked CANNIBIS for 5 years. She has VERTIGO on and off every week which further complicates her issue. On top of that she is really SCARED to get adjusted. Look how her upper lip starts perspiring before I treat her. What is so cool about this case is Libie is really sweet and we give her her life back in like 10 minutes.

X-rays 00:36
First Adjustment 03:49
Second Adjustment 04:26
Results 05:20

“Balance Focus Neck Adjustments”

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