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Hompath presents MM LIVE, a first of its kind Application which brings homeopathic remedies to LIFE! Here is a perfect personification of CANNABIS SATIVA.

The Essence of the remedy is FLIRT. The Cannabis personality is a happy go lucky man who enjoys & craves the company of the opposite sex. He believes in the adage “Enjoy every second of life!” These people love to go to parties, have fun every night and are extremely keen sexually.

They are incredibly amorous individuals who are sexually active from a very young age and are in constant PURSUIT OF PLEASURE. Such people fall easy prey to illicit drugs, smoking and alcohol.

Since Cannabis likes to be in a continuous state of trance, they become CONFUSED and start making mistakes in writing and keep repeating them. They remain buried in thoughts and give wrong answers to simple questions. They lose their sense of identity so much so that their own voice seems strange to them. They show extreme disorientation in terms of time, distance and judgment.

On the physical plane, Cannabis develops the ill effects of suppressed gonorrhoea which they develop as a result of their multiple sexual relationships.

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