🐶 CBD DOSING / CBD FOR PETS 🐺 – The CBD Stream | Episode #1 | azWHOLEistic

CBD DOSING / CBD FOR PETS – The CBD Stream – Episode #1 -azWHOLEistic

In this Episode of The CBD Sream, we discuss CBD Dosing when starting out, CBD for Pets and give an actual demonstration of how to give it to your pets and proper dosing. Also we have a special guest who discussed her struggle with anxiety and panic attacks, and how she overcame it with the proper use of CBD.

Questions that were answered during the Q&A Segment:

Can CBD be used for Eczema, and can it be used on an open wound?
Can CBD help diabetes?
What do you recommend for all-day anxiety?
Is CBD effective for Autism?

– Accurate and reliable CBD Information
– Special Guests
– Product Tutorials and Reviews
– Question and Answer Segment with the viewers

Tune in Wednesday evenings at 7:30p MST, 6:30p PST, 9:30p CST, and 10:30p EST
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