CBD Oil for Dogs with Anxiety | How to Treat Dog Separation Anxiety with CBD

CBD Oil: An Essential Tool For Treating Dog Separation Anxiety? Dogs with PTSD, a history of abuse or neglect could be good candidates for CBD treatment. Find out more in today’s video:

CBD: An Essential Tool for Treating Dog Separation Anxiety

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Begin Video Transcript:

“Hey there. Buck Rizvi here, Ultimate Dog. This video is all about how to treat dogs that have separation anxiety with CBD oil.

So the first thing that we should talk about is what is separation anxiety? How is it manifested? Well, dogs, like humans, have emotions, and that includes feelings of anxiety, fear, or even panic. And all of these would occur, potentially for a dog, especially a dog that is not accustomed to being left alone. Or in many cases, as we do here in Boulder, people bring in rescue dogs or they foster dogs, and dogs may have been, they may have experienced abuse, neglect. They’re experiencing PTSD, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, as a result of their prior experiences. And those can manifest in anxiety, fear, and panic.

So the first thing we should discuss are emotions. And humans have emotions, dogs have emotions. And if you’re bringing home a dog, whether it’s a pup or a dog maybe you brought in from a rescue or are fostering and you may not be aware of the other things that that dog has been exposed to in the past. You might not realize it, but they are going to experience potentially anxiety, fear, maybe even panic when left alone. Maybe even, especially when left alone in an unfamiliar crate or a closed-in environment.

So what are some of the causes of separation anxiety? Well as I talked about before, people bringing in rescue dogs or maybe fostering a dog, they’re not really familiar with or may not be familiar with the fact that the dog might have had some abuse, some neglect and is experiencing PTSD, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, as a result of anticipation that something bad might happen if the dog is left alone. And during this separation, dogs also may experience things that you don’t have any control over. Nature kicks in, and thunderstorms occur or some other undefined stressful event might happen that causes the dog to have separation anxiety.

How does CBD work on anxiety? Well, the first thing is that CBD oil is shown to be anxiolytic, meaning that it’s anxiety-reducing. Secondly, CBD does not have any tolerance build-up, so you don’t have to worry about either taking a break or increasing dosage levels to experience the same benefit.”

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