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CBD Oil For Insomnia

How can you optimize your sleep and cure insomnia for good?

Germany, about 5 years ago…

I was lying in bed gazing at the ceiling counting minutes. Counting hours…
1 AM, 2 AM, 3 AM… I just couldn’t fall asleep. The fact that I was about to leave my current life behind and move to California didn’t make it easier. In fact, it was the reason why I had insomnia.

As far as I remember, the first time falling asleep was in the plane as the emotions calmed down with the tears running on my cheek. Even though, I was moving to California the flight was to Las Vegas, Nevada. It was the only direct flight I could find. I needed a direct flight because my dog flew with me.

Not falling asleep is a nightmare and it can ruin your immune system. Back then, I didn’t know about CBD so I had to struggle until my body learned how to fall asleep again. I read the book ‘Why We Sleep’ and it opened my eyes too.

Your body has cannabinoid receptors all over it. You have it in your immune system. You have it in your nervous system. CBD interacts with those receptors allowing you to unwind and fall asleep much easier. Indeed, it is a natural sleep aid. It’s safe too. You should give it a try. I recommend starting with as little as 10 mg of full-spectrum CBD one to two hours before going to sleep.

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Let us know in the comment about your most effective insomnia cure!
Was it CBD too?

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