CBD Oil for KICK ASS Health!

An Instagram ✨Holiday GIVEAWAY✨ on a product for humans and animals that does it all! CBD Oil by Judita Wignall from City & Sea Living! And no smart ass- there’s no psychotropic effects, just amazing healing properties! I’m 11 years sober. CBD oil has nothing to do with getting high, only healthy.

👉🏼CBD Oil fights inflammation, anxiety, depression, cancer, tumors, pain management, sleep disorders, improves mood, and so much more! I dose up morning and night and give this magical hemp oil to both my rescue dogs and kitty! They LOVE it. 🐶 🐈 Lap it right out of my hand. It’s adorable!!

🎉Enter to WIN!! 1 bottle for your fur baby and 1 bottle of choice for you!

Since there can only be one winner Mama hooked up a discount code for the rest of you! Code: JILL15 for 15% off your order until Jan. 1st.

🤓Contest Rules: Winner must be 18 and over and have a US shipping address. Runs 12/23-12/31 Winner announced New Years Eve! 12/31.
Enter this bad boy on INSTAGRAM here: https://www.instagram.com/p/BdDn0NEH9-s/?taken-by=jill.anenberg.lawrence

✔️City & Sea is made with certified hemp and contains less than .3 percent THC, so it’s impossible to get stoned. Bummer 😜
✔️Organically grown hemp free of solvents, mold and heavy metals
✔️Hemp is an adaptogenic herb meaning it helps support stress response and systemic inflammation. CBD brings the body back into homeostasis (balance).
✔️There’s no head change with hemp but many people report feeling calm, relaxed, improved mood, and sleep. Big Bonus!
✔️Basically this stuff along with a good diet will help improve just about any health problem.
✔️Cats and dogs do amazingly well with CBD. Specifically my cat has become a lot more loving and less basic bitch cat.

🎄✨ENTER NOW!! Hope you win!


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