Colorado’s Medical Marijuana Refugees

They may not be the migrants that candidates are referring to this election cycle, but a steady number of families whose children have chronic health issues are moving to Colorado to take advantage of legalized pot. inidad is experiencing a revival after years of decay. It wasn’t until both medical and recreational marijuana use became fully legal in Colorado in 2014 that tax dollars came flooding in, leading to the city’s renewal.
City Manager Gabe Engeland told CNN earlier this year that Trinidad made $800,000 in marijuana sales from November 2014 to November 2015—which accounted for 10 percent of total tax revenue. It was a surprise: they expected $200,000 for that period.
Along with the tax dollars came out-of-staters, including medical refugees who saw Colorado as an emerald sanctuary where cannabinoids could ease their pain, or the pain of their loved ones.

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