Discover How To Make Cannabis Olive Oil

Discover the many benefits of medicinal marijuana and what medicinal marijuana can do for you.

Feel the pain melt away, calm your anxiety, relax the mind and body, feel happy again and rejuvenate. The disease is preventable and curable with the use of medical marijuana. “The Medical Marijuana guide. NATURES PHARMACY.” The true guide to cannabis pharmacy reveals how medical marijuana restores physiological balance. Learn how to make cannabis extractions and infusions and how to incorporate them into food and beverages.

Learn how to make cannabis oil, tinctures, hash, cannabis butter, cannabis coconut oil, cannabis olive oil, salves, balms and medicated skin creams. The Medical Marijuana Guide is also a cannabis cookbook with many great recipes that are delicious, safe and effective for restoring balance. Learn the formulas for controlling your dosage, it is important that you don’t underestimate how potent these medications can be. Learn about medical marijuana strains and which strains are right for you.

Learn about cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system, a communications network in the body that affects how we think, feel and behave. Learn about the health and nutritional benefits of eating and juicing fresh raw marijuana. Marijuana is technically a vegetable, a power food, a complete protein. Fresh raw marijuana is considered a dietary essential by some scientists, fresh raw marijuana is an ideal plant protein. If you are Vegan or Vegetarian you should seriously consider incorporating fresh raw marijuana into your diet. I have and I have never felt better in my life.

The Medical Marijuana Guide contains recipes for preparing fresh raw marijuana salads, dressings, juices and smoothies that will leave you feeling energetic and vibrant without any narcotic effects. Learn why fresh raw marijuana can be sixty times more effective as a medicine. “The Medical Marijuana Guide. NATURES PHARMACY.” Also provides you with links to instructional videos on how to prepare these infusions, extractions, and recipes.

The guide also provides you with links to instructional videos on how to grow organic medicinal marijuana in a safe clean environment. A very important part of the process. I have produced these videos myself and they are informative and entertaining. Educate before you medicate. I also provide you with links to several top leading research scientists from around the world that have studied marijuana for decades.

The Medical Marijuana Guide goes way beyond the confinement of its pages. It connects you to the world of medicinal marijuana. I am a professional health conscious chef and a medical marijuana producer with a license to grow under the MMAR program issued by Health Canada. Take healthcare into your own hands. Feel healthy and vibrant again. Get your copy today or gift it to someone you care about. May the guide be with you.


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