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Businesses To Join: #CTFO – Changing The Future Outcome
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At Advertising Junction, you will be able to advertise your channel information here. For instance, got a video you want seen? Advertise, your thumbnail. How about channel Monetization announcements, Popular videos, Birthdays, Member Recognition, Shout Outs, Super Chat Shout Outs, Baby Announcements, Wedding Anniversaries, Graduations, Channel Tours, Businesses and Business Products and more. There is a small fee to do so, but it will not break your pocketbook. Our, LIVE times, will be for 4 hours randomly, so that visitors and subscribers, can see your ads, over and over and over.

Contact Geo in Instagram to get more information on how to get started advertising. Geo’s Instagram is: advertising junction. Hope to see your channel information soon.

If you would like to donate to this service/channel please do so at the payment processors you see below:
Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/geobeaches
Cash App: $geomonroe

Businesses To Join: CTFO – Changing The Future Outcome
Free Home Business – Join Here if You Choose To: http://geo.myctfo.com/opportunity

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