Does CBD Work for Horses? REVIEW | Hannah Beth Virginia

**THIS IS NOT AN AD! But this issss extra exciting- I have been wanting to start doing reviews on my channel for a LONG time now and I finally got around to filming one!! In this video, I tell you my true feelings about CBD and whether or not I feel like it worked for my horse!! Keep watching and stay tuned to learn about this product!!

Social Media Links (let’s hang out):
IG: @hannahbethvirginia
Website: www.hannahbethvirginia.com
FB: www.facebook.com/hannahbethvirginia

Product Descriptions + Links (what I used in this video):
-Kahm CBD Apple Flavored Pellets (https://kahmcbd.com/product/cbd-hemp-pellets-apple-flavor/)
-Kahm CBD Oil Tincture (https://kahmcbd.com/product/cbd-oil-tinctures-pets/)


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