Dosing Drinks Champ: the Life & Crimes of Sidney Gottlieb | #7 – RAP Drugs Pod

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This week we reflect on Biographic books and articles on Sidney Gottlieb his early life, government career with the CIA and his work with LSD among other experiments the spymaster and chemist ran for the Central Intelligence Agency. From there we dissect the possibility that some of this may be misinformation or propaganda on the ‘poisoner in chief’ Gottlieb as much of the content echoes details of his life first presented by known propagandist Stephen Kinzer. Further to that when the death Frank Olson came to light and Gottlieb was accused of dosing, much of the documentation behind Project MK Ultra and other CIA operations, that may or may not have involved more of Gottlieb’s shenanigans, was destroyed thus making most of Sidney’s work with CIA only known through word of mouth.

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The CIA’s House of Horrors: the Abominable Dr. Gottlieb



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