Dr. David Rioux – *UPDATED* Essential Workers Return Home, Using Hemp Oil and more | The SF Show

1:38 What precautions would Dr. Rioux recommend for an essential worker returning home to his family.
6:28 Clarification of quarantine. Consult with your doctor!
9:20 Thoughts on starting CBD and examples of situations Dr. Rioux uses it in his practice with his patients.
9:35 CBD products and arthritis pain.
11:09 Specific example of CBD product use on knee pain.
13:20 Sleep and anxiety.
14:04 Specific example of CBD product use on chronic pain.
16:27 What does Dr. Rioux advise a patient who is interested in trying CBD? And a discussion about dosages.

Dr. David Rioux is a family physician and hospitalist for Down East Community Hospital in Machias Maine. He has been a member of the Downeast community for over 30 years after moving here, with his family, after serving in the US Navy. Dr. Rioux is also a partner in, and co-medical director of, the Schoppee Farm.

Connect with Dr. Rioux https://schoppee.com/dr-david-rioux/

Please enjoy Dr. Dave’s follow up appearance on the show!

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