Dr. Mark Ware and the Canadian Consortium for the Investigation of

Transcription to follow:
Our non-profit organization that we set up about 2 years ago has been doing a lot of work educating physicians around the medical cannabis issue. We have realized there is a need for physicians to be taught more and they really appreciate hearing it from other physicians, who either have experience with patients, who are doing research like myself. And this group, its call the Canadian Consortium for the Investigation of Cannabinoids, its a fairly big mouthful, but the CCIC for short, is the group, and that has been really rewarding. Working and getting out to meet physicians, and having them come to us and saying we would like to learn more, we like to help out, we would like to contribute our stories, we have patients that are useful for research purposes. Building a network effectively, of Canadian physicians and scientists who are interested in the science of cannabinoids. Its been really powerful. So for me the CCIC has also been a very major driving force in getting the knowledge out in to the practicing community. Weve got some information there on the web too, so come and check us out at


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