Dr. Will Falconer, DVM – Caring for Your Pets: Vaccines, Titers, Diet & More – June 2, 2020

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Show highlights:

Titer testing your animals to determine immunity before vaccinating

Side effects from rabies vaccine; minimizing ill effects of rabies vaccines

The toxicity of heartworm medicine

The best age to spay and neuter animals

Is a raw food that follows the 80/10/10 or whole prey model method an ideal food for a dog or cat to eat?

Most shelters will vaccinate. What is the best recommendation going forward after the shelter has vaccinated the animal?

Should we be concerned about tick bites on dogs?

Questions from a listener: 1) Does it reduce efficacy if 2 or 3 homeopathic medications are given simultaneously, then a small treat afterwards? 2) Do tinctures like CBD Oil work similarly, ie may it be given at the same time as 1 or 2 homeopathic drops? 3) Do you recommend milk thistle for detoxification, and how much how often for a medium sized dog?

Question from a listener: What remedy/posology to ease and root out constant licking of all 4 paws (most of the hair has been licked off) in this unprecedented wet spring resulting in longer grass (chemical free) . 11 yr old terrier has not been inoculated w/any vaccines since adoption 2 yrs ago

Can anything be done for a dog that has had high post acid bile results?

Dealing with fleas and ticks naturally


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