Ep103 Doers Brendan Ruh

Doers Series: Brendan Ruh

Brendan Ruh is the founder of Santa Cruz Medicinals. While attending UC Santa Cruz he was assigned a project to research CBD and summarize the medical literature on CBD. After reading countless PubMed studies he realized that CBD is amazing when used in the proper dosages…which most brands simply do not offer. He began sending samples of other CBD brands to cannabinoid testing labs in California and realized that the overall milligram content on most products was far too low. Furthermore the price of the few products that did have sufficient milligrams of CBD was insanely high. With that info in hand, he started Santa Cruz Medicinals to offer Potent Lab-Tested CBD products to consumers. Cutting out the middleman and going direct to consumer to offer the best prices in the industry. Brendan realized there was no need to add sugar and other harmful compounds to the CBD products so their line of products is Keto, Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, and always Lab Tested. Healthy fats mixed with potent doses of cannabinoids!
Instagram: @santacruzmedicinals

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