Episode11: Edith & Small Space Living with Greyhounds

This is a lifestyle podcast about adopting retired racing Greyhounds in New Zealand! Every month we make a show with guest hosts, owners-interviews and expert segments as well as practical how-to videos for edutaining those crazy Greyhound-lovers out there … and those in the making:)

Episode 11 is all about retired Greyhounds living in small spaces like apartments and features:

11:31 Interview with Sophie and Alex who are talking about how it was to bring their retired Greyhound Edith home to their 2 bedroom apartment in the city centre of Christchurch.
22:03 In the expert section we have prepared a presentation of the 10 reasons why Greyhounds love to life in apartments
27:40 With our how-to segment we’re showing you how to set up a training for you newly arrived Greyhound to master stairs.
33:59 The featured foster Greyhound is quirky Rocket!
36:54 And we’re taking you on a short stroll through CBD Christchurch.

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