Feed Your Dog Real Raw Food & CBD the Right Way w Peter Ciancarelli MEP023

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MEP023 Feed Your Dog Real Raw Food & CBD the Right Way w/ Peter Ciancarelli

Peter Ciancarelli is a pet health and longevity coach from Medfield, Massachusetts. He’s founder of the popular Facebook group, Allie’s Canine Cancer Crew, a consultant for California-based whole molecule CBD and THC cannabis oil collective “King Harvest”, and is also a special education teacher, working with children and young adults with Autism for almost a decade. It was his experiences and setbacks with his dog, Allie, that ignited a years-long search for answers, options, and alternatives, outside of the conventional information he trusted and led to Allie’s health struggles and deterioration. He’s since helped her rebound on a remarkable level, and is on a mission to educate and inspire others on what they can do to help their beloved pets live their best life possible.

In this episode, Erin talks to Peter Ciancarelli about how we can best take care of our pets. Research tells us that dogs can live to be in their 20s & 30s. Peter refused to lose the love of his life because he didn’t properly research how to best care for his pet. We should not be feeding our dogs “dog food” because it is heavily processed. Why are dogs dying so young? There are two main factors – they inherited genes from wolves and the food we feed them. We are not giving dogs what they need as animals. Another way we can ensure longevity is by exercising them. Take a leap of faith and try something new – do your own homework to understand what will be best for your furry friend fully.

Then, Peter talks about how the environment can be damaging the health of our pets. Pesticides and chemical buildup can easily damage our health as well as our dogs. The bottles can say “safe for animals,” but we need to think on our own. Data is not always accurate because we have to think about where the information is coming from. Once Allie overcame her health issues, Peter found King Harvest. He researched CBD for an entire year because he got oil for himself and his dog. He uses it for the prevention of inflammation, which is the root cause of severe health concerns. King Harvest stands out to Peter because they have been by his side throughout the entire process. They have different recommendations for the time of day and the type of disorder you are treating. Later, Peter discusses why we need to introduce our animals to bacteria, intermittent fasting for dogs, and the story about him and Allie.

In This Episode:

• [02:20] About Peter
• [04:00] What you should be feeding your dogs
• [09:20] About Allie
• [13:00] Finding a community of like-minded individuals
• [21:20] Environment is affecting the health of dogs
• [25:30] Working with King Harvest
• [34:20] Exposing dogs to bacteria
• [37:20] Work with a veterinarian
• [41:50] Intermittent fasting for dogs
• [44:10] How to find Peter
• [45:00] Peter tells the story about how he adopted Allie


“There is no such thing as dog food and human food; it’s all just food.”

“96% of the population still feeds processed foods to their animals.”

“I got my parents to change from using pesticides to using an essential oil spray.”

“When it comes to CBD – start slow.”


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Guest: Peter Ciancarelli – Allie’s Canine Cancer Crew

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/AlliesCanineCancerCrew/

Peter’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/peter.ciancarelli.3

King Harvest: https://kingharvest.org

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