Ferguson tries Emisha CBD Catnip for the First Time and Loves It!!

Ferguson tries Emisha CBD Catnip for the first time and absolutely loves it! All cat owners understand the power of catnip. Cats are drawn to this natural herb and most experience euphoric feelings upon sniffing or eating. However, many cats, upon smelling CBD oil have the opposite reaction and tend to avoid anything spelling like CBD oil. Unfortunately, because of this strong reaction away from CBD, many cats don’t get to experience the healthy benefits of CBD through CBD oil.

That is why Emisha CBD Wellness developed the cat-specific CBD catnip formula combining the irresistible lure of catnip with the healing power of CBD. Studies have shown the CBD oil has healing effects on arthritis, anxiety, irritable bowel disorder, and even cancer! Cat parents are so excited to try Emisha CBD Catnip!

The goal of Emisha is to become a resource of information about hemp products and to keep our pet parents informed of our premium hemp products, like CBD catnip, CBD dog treats and hemp CBD oil tinctures crafted for you, and your dog, cat, horse, guinea pig, rabbit, mouse and more.

We are proud to be a company with products made in the USA with organically grown hemp and want to address questions like, CBD for Dogs and Cats, Is It Safe? CBD Oil for Dog Seizures–Should You Use It? Animals with Anxiety–How does CBD help?

Pet parents need to have the best information when it comes to CBD products and the Emisha CBD Wellness Youtube Channel hopes to serve in this manner. To learn more about Emisha CBD Catnip: www.emishacbd.com

To read clinical studies about the healing evidence of CBD: https://emishacbd.com/emisha-hemp-for-dogs-cats-family-pets-resource-page/

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