Fork You, Vienna EP3.: We go green at Vienna's only CBD bar where Falco once hung out

Fancy smoking some wacky-tabbacky while devouring a gourmet sandwich, or burger?

In our 3rd episode of ‘Fork you Vienna!’, we visit Goldies Blue Box – a CBD coffeeshop & bar where Falco once hung out. A young crowd has transformed this legendary old bar into a buzzing hip hang.

Not surprisingly, the CBD had us leaving so calm, we were floating. Lucky we stuffed our faces with an incredibly tasty roast beef and truffle sauce toast sandwich that kept us full and grounded πŸ˜‰

For those of you not yet in the know on what CBD is: it comes from the cannabis plant, but it contains only trace elements of THC (the bit that gets you high) meaning it tends to leave you with a lovely, relaxed feeling.

Fork you, Vienna! is the food channel that takes you behind the scenes of the restaurants of Vienna doing amazing things. It’s the kind of series that you should watch if you find other food shows are too much about food 😉

vienna send is the video channel from Vienna’s English-speaking magazine, helping people make the most out of Vienna…and life.



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