Frontier Hemp's – CBD Pet Drops

Frontier Hemp’s CBD Pet Drops are 99% pure cannabidiol (CBD) blended with all natural MCT coconut oil. Animals have more cannabinoid receptors than humans and are very receptive to CBD oil. If the oil is used to control pain and inflammation, give every 8 hours or increase frequency as needed for desired effects. If used to control anxiety, treat 30 minutes before a stressful event such as storms, fireworks, or leaving the house (separation anxiety).

Finding the proper dosage for animals (and humans) can be tricky and can sometimes take some experimenting. Research indicates a starting point of .25 mg to .50 mg per pound of body weight. For example, if your dog weighs 10 lbs, start with 2.5 mg – 5 mg per dosage. Place the desired amount straight into the animal’s mouth, if possible. Otherwise, drop onto your animal’s favorite treat. You may need to increase the potency from this starting point.

You can find our pet drops as well as many other Hemp-based products on our website: www.frontierhemp.com. Use code ‘video’ for 10% off at checkout.


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