Good news story: CBD Oil Miracle 🌿 Medicinal Marijuana & Chemo | CANster Perryn Khoo

Similar to the nutribullet story, the ducks aligned again and i cant believe it!!!


How about providence?

Disregard my ranting but another miracle has just happened! Time to celebrate 🎉

What is CBD oil?
Medicinal marijuana (legal)

How it helps in chemo?
Curb side effects like: loss of appetite, pain management, quality of sleep and more…

No, it does not make me high (😔) but the medical qualities are extracted so i get the good stuff.

I’ll let you guys know how it goes again.

Purpose of these videos:
– for loved ones to be updated & know what to pray for
– for ppl suffering with this disease to know that you are not alone, you CAN do it.
– for supporters & carers of cancer patients to keep hopes up and know what to expect

Don’t give up. Be a CANster!


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