Happy Again Pet 🐶 CBD Oil for dogs: can my dog take it without getting high?

Hey dog lovers! 🐶🐶

CBD Oil is a controversial product because of its origin, but several research studies have tracked and proven their effectiveness when treating several nervous system illnesses. Besides, it’s renowned for the multiple benefits this liquid can provide such as acting as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, restores gut health, provides omega fatty acids, all the healthy skin vitamins including vitamin A, E, and C, and is also a nice source of vitamin D.

This is great ‘cause this is how it acts on humans, but have you ever wondered how CBD oil could be used in dogs? Maybe you’re thinking it’s inappropriate for your pet, maybe you think he/she can get high or maybe it will make your furry friend dependent on this, but what if all this stuff is just a myth? What if we tell you it’s so beneficial for your canine too and that, with the right dose, it may help your best friend decrease issues related to dog arthritis, anxiety, sore muscles, and nervous system related affections?

Today at Happy Again Pet our chief scientist Anja Skodda and our guest Jenny Evans from Beauty Grass will discuss what CBD oil is, the multiple benefits you can get and how CBD oil can contribute to improving your furry friend’s life in conjunction with Happy Again products.

Take a seat with your dog, bring some snacks and get high with all the information we’ve brought to discuss around CBD for dogs 🐾🐾

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