Hollistic Hound CBD Rich Hemp Oil for Dogs Review

Holistic Hound: https://holistichound.com

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Hello and welcome back for another Episode of GreenBox Grown! Today I will be changing it up a bit as I will be talking about a CBD Rich Hemp Oil made specifically for dogs! The brand that makes this product is called Holistic Hound, and they offer all kinds of CBD infused treats for your dogs and cats.

The really nice thing about Holistic Hound Products are they are carried in Pet Stores, so you are not required to visit a dispensary or have a med card. This specific product is somewhat expense however, as I pay $100 for 500mg of CBD Rich Hemp Oil.

While I must admit it is pricey, this oil is well worth it! Our dog is 14 years old and has very weak hips and back legs. Before using the Holistic Hound CBD Oil, she was unable to get up from the laying down position on her own, and could not walk up or down stairs. Now, after a half a dropper of this CBD Oil in the morning, she is able to regain all mobility without any stiffness or pain. She is even energetic enough to go for long walks and will run if taken off the leash!

I highly recommend using this product on your dog for any pain related issues, as it works wonders and has no negative side affects!

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