How High with special guest Naomi Granger

The hypocrisy of it all! According to “Even though the cannabis industry is inching toward an explosive economic boon where even former detractors (John Boehner) are becoming huge investors, the real travesty in all of this future Fortune 500 talk are those still locked down for marijuana-related charges.The US Dept of Health currently holds the patent on medical use of cannabinoids, while simultaneously locking up black and brown bodies up for it.”

The CBD business is a fast growing industry where white people are reaping the benefits while those that were once locked away for peddling such drugs are now locked out of the industry. In 2019, the industry raked in $12.2 B and is projected to pull in more than $31 B in 2020.

In this episode of 2 Really Dope Dudes we talk to Noami Granger an accountant in the industry. She will be answering many of your questions that you have related to the business as well as the racial disparities.


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