How to choose a CBD product for your pet.

Unfortunately, CBD is an unregulated industry. What does this mean? You might now always be buying what you think you’re buying for your pets! Here are my top tips to help you choose the best CBD products for your fur baby!

How much CBD do I give my pet? https://cbddoghealth.com/proper-dosage-of-cbd-for-pets-know-the-facts/

How to administer CBD? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALCzasfwKY4

To learn more go to www.AngelaArdolino.com

Angela Ardolino graduated from The University of Vermont’s School of Medicine Medical Cannabis Program. She had owned and operated her rescue farm, Fire Flake Farm, for over 12 years where she has saved 100’s of animals using cannabis and other holistic remedies. She is the pet expert on Cannabis Radio and her weekly show, It’s A Dog’s Life!

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