How To Get Rid Of A Varicocele Naturally

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Horse chestnut extract (also known as Aesculus hippocastanum) comes from a tree native to the Balkan Peninsula but found throughout the northern hemisphere. It has been shown to be beneficial for healing varicocele as well as improve venous circulation health.

Varicocele and Venous Insufficiency (as well as other circulatory problems) is commonly found in men with E.D. In fact, it has been reported that 50-70% of men experience E.D. as a result of vascular diseases.(9) Horse Chestnut extract has been shown to reduce some symptoms of poor blood circulation, such as varicocele, pain, tiredness, swelling in the legs, and water retention.

So not only does Horse Chestnut extract have the potential to improve blood flow, but it can also work to eliminate and stop the formation of varicocele!

The recommended dosage for horse chestnut extract is 400-600mg, with aescin standardization at 100-150 mg daily. It is also recommended to split this dose daily, so Redwood does just that.(5) REDWOOD contains 300 mg (75 mg aescin) per servings (taken twice daily for a total of 600 mg/150 mg).

Learn more about Varacil – https://umzu.com/products/redwood

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