How to get rid of swollen glands in your neck naturally

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In this video I show you how I get rid of Swollen glands using the natural method. It’s a step by step video so just follow a long to address your problem.

Swollen glands are the causes of the swelling of the lymph nodes, like a throat or ear infection.

This is probably cause by having a low immune system. It can also be a sign that the body is fighting off an infection or any illness.

The symptoms can be high fever, swollen glands in the neck or body.

Food you need to avoid is spicy food, cheese and even dairy products.
Eat mostly hot food and avoid all cold food and even cold drink.

This video was designed to help you to improve your blood flow in your body in order to strengthen your immune system to fight the infection causing the gland to swell.

The massage will help you to relax the muscle too reducing the swollen at the same time.

Do the exercise 2 time a day for 3 weeks.
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