How To Make Giant Orbeez You Can Eat! Edible Water Balls Part 3!

Happy Thanksgiving! Make these giant jelly balls you can eat for your thanksgivings dinner dessert!
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These polymer jello water balls look like jelly water balz. They’re really just edible jello balls and gelatin. These polymer balls expand until they become huge water balls made of cross linked polymers.
Warning: Choking Hazard Small Part. Not for children under 3 years of age.
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Have a ball with this fun edible science experiment! Watch in amazement as your polymer balls which starts out as liquid and powder jello grows to the size of a small ball that you can eat! Comes in an array of vibrant colors that hold true, even when hydrated. They roll, and even though they do not bounce, they will explode when thrown or dropped! Drop the balls in water and imagine the endless possibilities as they grow before your eyes!
1) Learn about the incredible properties of polymers as you grow the “balls”.
2)Discuss hydrophilic properties and superabsorbent polymers.
3)Determine how fast evaporation will take place and then start the process again. 4)Hypothesize what will happen once the water evaporates from them.
5)Discuss color, light and classification and how these water absorbers can play a huge part in our environment.
6)Experiment with milk, vegetable oil, or salt water. and more…


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