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Learn how to make money with CBD Sales Funnels For Ecommerce! Download this funnel here: https://bit.ly/2TiZyPV

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I forgot to show that at the end of the funnel you can redirect people to your online store. Keep that in mind.

Part 1: selling CBD Oil On Facebook:

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One of the best ways to advertise on Facebook is to do it is indirect. It’s best practice to set up a “bridge page” which is basically a sales message and an offer. But first, you start it with a free giveaway called a lead magnet. You’ll drive paid traffic to it, and inside have CBD oil product you want people to purchase. And the other and best way to get traffic is to funnel them into your chatbot. Make sure that you’re using landing pages, In my case, I use Clickfunnels.

Here’s an example. Optin page(free CBD guide, pdf, etc) to Bridge page(which you’ll promote your CBD product/business opportunity) to a checkout(whether it’s your product or you’re an affiliate for a CBD company). And if someone doesn’t buy right away(most likely), then you have an automated email sequence that drips messages reminding them to go back to your product page(bridge page).

I’ll also help you get a dedicated CBD Page together, how to give away freebies there and when someone comments on a post of yours, it registers people into your messenger bot with automated messages about getting their free book for example. And you just follow up with them there and build a relationship. And I’ll give you a free chatbot flow and sequence inside of my course that you can model.

I mainly focus on CBD Affiliates, and I go really in-depth on how to use websites and funnels for anything CBD Ads related and TONS more inside my free Course…

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➡Becoming a CBD Oil Distributor Most in-depth article You’ll EVER See:

➡Becoming a CBD Oil Distributor Most in-depth article You’ll EVER See:

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How to start your own CBD Oil Business the RIGHT way:

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My First Business:

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Advertising on Facebook alone is getting harder with all the restrictions, especially on health and wellness sites, but in this video, I’m diving in deeper to show you what you can do to optimize for your Facebook Ads. I didn’t mention it much in the video but I have a free course that will help you get set up with funnels and drive traffic to your opt-in page.

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