I took TEN times the amount of CBD oil and documented it!

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I took ten times my regular dose of CBD oil and recorded my experience.

How much CBD oil is too much?
Can you overdose with CBD?
Can you get high of CBD?
What if I take too much CBD oil?

I decided to answer those questions by taking x10 the amount I usually take. I looked it up on the internet and there are either blogs about how you can’t overdose or Reddit people’s stories how they got high of CBD. So I figured, since I say you can’t get high of Icaria’s CBD oil, I am going to prove it in front of the camera.

According to a few stories, people took approximately 100mg of CBD oil and had a negative experience. I decided to repeat the experiment and also take a 100mg. I usually take 5-10mg, so it’s at least ten times my regular dose. I took the first 50mg and then took another 50mg an hour later – I wanted to see how I react to 50mg vs 100mg.


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