kikar |Acacia Nilotica| tree medical uses and benefits plant care

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scientific name: Acacia karoo
general name: keekar
Kikar is the small thorny tree. It grows to the height of 7 – 12 meter. It has yellow round head flowers which are nectar less. The bark is red -brown to blackish and rough. The leaves are light green and fern like up to 120 mm long and 50 mm wide. Flowers are 10- 15 mm in diameter, which grow in cluster between 4 -6 and are sweetly scented.
Medicinal uses :
1. The bark and seeds are the source of tannin.
2.The various parts of Kikar are useful in Diarrhoea.
3. The leaves and the bark are useful in arresting secretion or bleeding.
4. The pods help remove catarrhal matter and phlegm from the bronchial tubes.
5. The gum allays any irritation of the skin and soothes the inflamed membranes of the pharynx, alimentary canal and genito-urinary organs.
6. Fresh pods of babul tree are effective in sexual disorders like spermatorrhoea, frequent night discharges, loss of viscidity of the semen and premature ejaculation.

Cultural Importance :
1. It is widely used for fire work and timber.
2. It is introduced and cultivated for erosion and fuel wood.
3. Flowers are used for ornamental purposes, leaves serves as fodder for goats, also used in fencing and hedges.
4. It is honey bee species. Its wood is used for the paper production.
5. Its is also sometimes used as the gum.
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