Learn about Spray Drying from Adam Rawlins | PacMoore Products

Adam Rawlins, Plant Manager for PacMoore Process Technologies in Mooresville, IN explains our Spray Drying capabilities.

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Video Transcription:
My name is Adam Rawlins. I’m the plant manager here at our facility in Mooresville. I also serve to some degree as a liaison for our customers. Many times interacting with them, visiting their facilities, hosting them here, but in general I’m in charge of full operations here at the plant.

The real unique feature about our plant is our spray drying. That does not exist in our Hammond facility. So all spray drying accounts from a pilot program through — really from a benchtop opportunity through a pilot through a full-scale spray dryer exists here at this plant. Essentially spray drying is the technology of taking a liquid concentration which has a lot of benefits from a mixing standpoint, blending standpoint, consistency standpoint, and turning that into a powder form.

Typically, people like these powdered drink mixes you can put into a bottle of water. That provides a good example of what we do. So it turns that concentration into something that once you re-hydrate it, will give you a flavor. But that concept expands a lot of breadths of the food industry: a lot of preservatives, things of this nature. So it’s essentially taking these liquids, hitting them with a lot of intense heat, and then evaporating the water. And what remains will be a powder that we then package for clients.


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