Legal status of cannabinoids on EU market | B.Baňas, Cannafest 2015

“Legal status of cannabinoids in non-medicinal end-user products on EU market”, presented by Ing. Boris Baňas at Cannafest 2015.

Has the statement “less 0.2% THC” any validity at all? 0.2% equals to 2000 ppm and any food or cosmetic product with such a high THC content should not be placed on the end-user market at all.
Hemp seed contains contamination by THC on levels measurable in mg/kg. With zero tolerance of narcotic and psychotropic substances of EU General food law, global marketing of food products made from hemp seed remains difficult. European Foods Safety Agency is working on the regulation of THC as contaminant and European Industrial Hemp Association has been invited to this process. We will discuss updates on this topic.
Cannabidiol has become attractive to the EU consumers. Cannabidiol is not a recognized food ingredient nor a food additive. So what are the options for producers to introduce end-user products enriched with CBD without breaking the laws? What about cannabis extract (CBD oil)? Is there any room for this ingredient in legal distribution?
What are food supplements and are they allowed to include hemp derivatives of any kind? Yes, some companies have already found a legal way.

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