Lymphedema: Treatment Updates – Mayo Clinic

To learn more about lymphedema, visit https://mayocl.in/2MX4DfF. Arm or leg swelling, fluid retention and skin infections are common among cancer patients who have had surgery on or radiation to their lymphatic network. The condition, known as lymphedema, occurs when there is an accumulation of lymphatic fluid in the upper or lower extremity because the lymphatic vessels are unable to drain adequately.

Though many people automatically think of lymphedema as being synonymous with breast cancer, the condition can affect people treated for other cancers, including sarcoma, melanoma, prostate, testicular or gynecologic cancers and head and neck cancers.

Dr. Antonio Forte, plastic surgeon at Mayo Clinic’s Florida campus, shares more about the condition as well as a minimally invasive surgery, known as lymphovenous bypass, which has been shown to significantly improve a patient’s quality of life.


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