Medical Cannabis Bike Tour 2015 (Day 1)

The first day involved riding 129 km through Holland, Germany and Belgium. Mostly using cycle paths, there were some hills (yes Dutch hills!) and several river crossings

Over 80 international riders and volunteers converged in Valkenberg, near Maastricht, in southern Holland for the 2015 Medical Cannabis Bike Tour.

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The 3 day event, probably the largest cannabis sporting event in Europe, took place over 3 days. Most cyclists were on road bikes, but there were also mountain bike, hand bike, and even an Amsterdam ‘city bike’ user too. . The cyclists participating on the tour ranged from 18 – 70 in age and came from all over Europe, Canada, and South America.

The Medical Cannabis Bike Tour Foundation is a non-profit organization that raises money for medical cannabis research. The 2015 bike tour raised over 100,000€, through company sponsorship, and is running a crowd funding campaign through Walacea.

A principal focus of the Bike Tour’s campaign is to raise funds to explore the work of a team of scientists from Madrid’s Complutense University (including Dr Manuel Guzman, Dr Guillermo Velasco and Dr Cristina Sanchez).

The scientists are at the forefront of scientific research into the effects of cannabinoids (THC and CBD) on cancer and have been researching their potential as a cannabis treatment for the past 15 years. Their research was first recognized by the scientific community after they published an article in the scientific journal, Nature Magazine in 2000 (titled ‘Anti-tumoral action of cannabinoids’).

Watch the full 2015 Medical Cannabis Bike Tour Playlist:

Medical Cannabis Bike tour 2015 – Watch Day 1

Medical Cannabis Bike tour 2015 – Watch Day 2

Medical Cannabis Bike tour 2015 – Watch Day 3

Medical Cannabis Bike tour 2015 – Watch Day 4

The aim of the medical Cannabis Bike Tour is to raise enough funds for them to test their research in a clinical trial with up to 30 -40 glioma (brain cancer) patients. This trial will be administered by GEINO (The Spanish Group of Neuro-oncological Investigation) in Spanish hospitals. The trial, which will be totally independent, is scheduled to take place at the end of 2015.

Over the past three years, the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour has raised over 250,000€ for research into cannabis and its perceived anti-cancer qualities, which have been documented as slowing tumour growth and killing cancer cells. This money has come from the sponsorship of companies.

2015 sponsors of the MCBT were: Soft Secrets, Alchimia, Jorge Cervantes, IndicaSativa Trade, Anna Greenplace, Barneys Farm, Aptus, Bush Doctor, Pure Sativa, Blue Cash & Carry, Canna, Indras Planet, Canamo Magazine, Herbies Seeds, Amsterdam Seed Center, Sensi Seeds, Mountain High, Hanvfverband, Panoramix, Resin Seeds, Player Group, Attitude Seed Bank, Paradise Seeds, Trimpro, Idogrow, Snail Rolling Papers, Cannabis Magazine, Bushplanet, cannafest, Cultiva, CBD Crew, Cannascope, Dinafem, Dampkring, Plantasur, DNA Genetics,Greenhouse, Grow Magazine, Grow Life, Hemp Trading, Biotabs, Legalizace, Mr Nice, NPK, On Air, Sweet Seeds, Royal Queen Seeds, Thscene Magazine, Positronic Seeds, Seedsman, Weed World, Sowjet, Easy Grow.


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