Nextleaf Solutions Ltd (CNSX:OILS) CEO Discusses Industrial Scale Refined Distillate Extraction

Nextleaf Solutions Ltd (CNSX:OILS) (FRA:L0MA) is the first public company to be issued a patent for the extraction and purification of cannabinoids in Canada. CEO Paul Pedersen explains that by acquiring existing technology, Nextleaf was able to beat the large licensed producers and pharmaceutical companies to the first extraction patent. While Nextleaf has the capability to extract minor cannabinoids, Pedersen notes the company is focused on THC and CBD extraction because that is more profitable at scale currently. He emphasizes the importance of tasteless, odorless, clear extracted oil as an ingredient for regulated edibles, as less pure results have to cover up with sugar. Nextleaf’s ethanol-based solvent system is proprietary and unlike many competitors, is industrial scale because the company can process material continuously at high throughput. Pedersen emphasizes that the company’s highly-refined distillate provides a consistent and reliable ingredient for large existing CPG companies and is even more important in the medical sphere. Nextleaf’s process is so efficient it allows the company to take lower grade biomass and refine it at considerable cost savings.


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