Organic Care of California's Owners Try and Review; Cresco & Kings Garden

The Owners of Organic Care of California Dispensary, Chaz & Shantel, review and give the viewer’s an inside look into both Cresco Labs and Kings Garden. Cresco Labs produces premium indoor and greenhouse flower, concentrate and live resin vape cartridges. Cresco Labs is currently in 13 states and is doing very well in the cannabis industry. The owners first try some premium indoor cannabis flower, Rollins (Sativa) testing at 33% total Cannabinoids, and 26% THC. Because Cresco is vertically integrated, they can control quality and make sure everything is done promptly to ensure the freshest product possible for the consumer. In today’s legal market the flower usually takes 4 to 6 months to get to the customer from the harvest date. This is because each cultivation has to cut the flower, dry and hang it, then trim all the flower. Then they have to package and get the product tested, which usually takes over 2 weeks for tests alone. Even streamlined the fastest the product can get to the customer is 4 to 5 weeks. Crazy to see how well Cresco does everything in such a small timeframe. The owners then try a live-resin cartridge from Cresco, DJ Flow (Sativa), which comes in at 72.5% total Cannabinoids. The reason its a lower percentage is due to many terpenes, so the taste is AMAZING!
The owners next try Kings Garden! Kings Garden provides only indoor cannabis and very good concentrate. They specialize in very tasty diamonds. Diamonds is a concentrate with mostly THCa and very high THC levels. They literally have diamonds in the jar which looks crazy bomb! We didn’t get any flower to try but we did luck out and get to try some diamonds! They provided Ghost OG, which tested in the mid 80% Total Cannabinoids. But was the best tasting concentrate either of the owners has tasted in months! Chaz was debating getting Kings Garden on the menu until he smoked the concentrate! Now I know I’m getting it!! It’s an amazing product!

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